How It Works!

learn how to manage your membership and take control of your reselling future.

You can manage your membership by visiting the Member Dashboard. On the member dashboard you can: Unbind Your Key

  • This will remove you from the discord and reset your license so you can join on another discord if necessary.

  • Be sure to copy your key before you unbind!

Update Payment

  • You can update payment any time by inserting your new payment details at the bottom of the membership dashboard screen (as seen below)

Cancel Membership

  • If at any time you feel like TheNorthCop isn't helping you, you can cancel your membership so no further payments are made. You will still be in the group until the cancellation date (next renewal date)

  • You can stop and start your membership any time. If you want to take a break for one month and come back the next that's totally possible! Just cancel your membership and when you are ready to come back, login with your discord and simply add your payment information and renew.