Nike Shoe Bot

Bot Strengths

  • Blue Task Monitoring (Shopify)
  • Adidas
  • Footsites
  • Shopify (some sites)

Bot Quick Tips

Shopify Keywords - Shopify keywords are inputted with no plus and only a minus for negatives. You separate keywords by spaces.
jordan hi -gs
Delays - You can configure delays when creating tasks. If you need to edit delays use the shortcut CTRL + M to mass change delays.
Captchas - Captchas can be opened from the captcha windows. Select new solver and sign in to your google account. To open the solvers click the 3 dots and click open solver.
Footsites Smooth - Requires no captcha solving
Blue Tasks - Blue tasks are a great way to proxyless monitor for product restocks. You can monitor keywords from the shared monitor, and once they show in there your bot will automatically start tasks for you.
Last modified 8mo ago