Monitors Without Botting
If you're new to reselling and don't have a bot yet ~ don't panic! TheNorthCop has made it easy for all members regardless of their skill level to secure pairs.
As a member without a bot, drop days are going to be tough. Knowing how to use the monitors to your advantage is going to be critical for success.

Adding To Cart From Monitors

  • Clicking on the size that you want to add to cart within the monitor will being you to the product in your cart
  • On hyped releases ~ clicking on the size will take you through a queue where you will then have a chance to checkout if the product is still in stock once you pass the queue.
  • It is essential to be as fast as possible when doing this as every second counts

Using our Tools in combination with our Monitors for Success!

You can use the free tools within TheNorthCop such as our autofill and auto-checkout chrome extension. This extension will automatically take you through the checkout steps and increase your speed at securing shoes manually.
  • This tool can be found under the tools category ~ #northcop-autofill-aco
  • Once you add to cart through monitors or manually the autofill will fill your information and checkout for you. Be sure to use fake information if you are testing on random products!