Footsites Breakdown

Footsites are all similar sites. This includes Champs, Footlocker CA/US, eastbay and Footaction.

Getting Started with Footsites

  • Queue based system

  • Captchas for occasional tasks

  • Drops last 30 minutes to 3 hours (depending on hype)

  • Among the hardest sites to bot at the moment

  • Resource intensive

Footsites have been increasingly difficult over the past few months, it is recommended you scale up your tasks amounts and resources for footsites releases as they have proved to be very difficult and full of errors on drop days.

How to run for Footsites

  • Start tasks once queue goes up (We ping this in the #release-information in the group!)

  • Diversify your proxies, utilizing residentials and ISPS in combination will lead to the most success

It is important to have 1000+ tasks on footsites, yes that is a large number but this is strictly a numbers game with how footsites are going at the moment. The limiting factor will be your resources and how much you are interested in spending on proxies.

You must be persistent on the releases and not give up after afew minutes, footsites has cart holds and restocks the pairs through the hours following the release so there is still a very good chance you can cop once its an hour or so past.

Best Bots for Footsites

  • Prism

  • Sigma

  • Kage

  • Cyber

  • Wrath

  • Kodai