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Datacenter / ISP Proxies
Datacenter proxies and ISP proxies are similar and are much quicker than residentials. Learn more below.

Datacenter Proxies

    Datacenter proxies are much quicker than residential proxies and are price on a per proxy basis. Most providers will sell these to you in packs of 25 - 100 and will last for a month. Unlike residential proxies, data centers don't have a data usage limit but you are limited the amount of proxies you purchase.

Where are datacenter proxies used most?

    Most users use datacenter proxies for restocks / initial drops on sites that don't have bot protection. Shopify stores regularly restock products without turning on their bot / proxy protection.
    For drops where there is bot protection we recommend running some tasks locally or optionally on "clean" proxies which are provided by a very select few providers.


    Chi Proxies
    Red Dirt
    Zoom DC
    Oculus DC
    SMT DC
    Ashburn DC
    Oculus DC
    Space ISP
    Leaf ISP
    Chi ISP
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