Learning the Ins & Outs
Now that you've got your bot, its time to learn all about the new software that you've purchased or rented for yourself.

Start by reading the bot guides

  • These guides are typically found in the support discord server provided by your bot.
These guides are critical to success, its important you learn all about how to authenticate your key, add profiles, add proxies and the other essentials to your bot.
Have no clue what I'm talking about?
Now that you have a grip on what the essentials to botting are, continue along with your bot guides and setup your bot with the essentials.

Getting started with drops!

There is better way to learn how to use your bot than trial and error on drops. Going into botting isn't easy, and it can take some time to get used to the flow of releases and what to expect on drop days.
You should actively be trying to cop on every single release even if it isn't high profit. You can always use FAKE profiles to get to a decline, and you know that you would have successfully purchased that shoe.
The number 1 goal is to NOT give up, and to learn from your mistake from drop to drop.
  • Feel like you are struggling? Ask for help in the #create-a-ticket channel in TheNorthCop.
The more comfortable you feel using your bot, the higher chance you will have success in stressful moments where you may have to change keywords seconds before a release, or quickly mass link change for a kith drop. It is essential you know how to navigate and utilize your bots features properly.

Getting Necessary Info for your bots

  • It is important you utilize the group resources to help you with your bot setups.
TheNorthCop provides release to release guides on how to setup your bots, keywords to use and general tips for botting the specific sites that are releasing. You can find information on releases in the releases category of the group.

Require help with the information posted in these channels?