Shopify Breakdown
Learn how a shopify release goes down.
Shopify releases are among the fastest releases and sellout times for products. Shopify has developed their own in house bot protection to do their best to stop bots.

Getting Started With Shopify

  • Shopify releases are FCFS, meaning you have to be the fastest to add to cart and complete the checkout to have success,
  • Measures are added like captchas and questions to try and slow down bots so non bot users can purchase successfully.
The typical procedure for botting a shopify site is as follows:
1) Bot is started and is waiting for product using keywords or early links
2) Bot adds to cart
3) Bot waits in queue (or bypasses with preload)
4) Bot requires a captcha OR question to submit shipping information
5) Bot submits shipping information
6) Bot may require an additional checkout captcha
7) Bot completes checkout and secures items
View a live cop using TNC monitors and the above shopify release procedure below.

Most Used Bot Features for Shopify

  • Most bots have a Preload mode in their bot for shopify, these modes will bypass the queue once the release happens. These bots work by setting up a checkout session prior to release and then using that same checkout session on release to bypass the queue. It is important you start these bypass or preload tasks 3-5 minutes before release so they can setup properly.

Shopify Captchas

There are afew different captchas you may encounter on a shopify release


  • Recaptchas are the standard captcha provided by google where you have to select traffic lights or signs, these captchas rely on your gmail score so signing into your captcha solvers will give you easier to solve captchas and aid you in success.

H captcha

  • Hcaptcha is relatively a new concept on shopify, these captchas dont rely on any google accounts and are tougher than recaptcha as they show you random images and ask you to identify similar ones.
  • Hcaptchas often have a question you have to answer first like "What is the day" or "What are the last 3 letters in the alphabet"

Best Bots for Shopify

  • Balkobot (fastest shopify bot and incredible restock modes)
  • Cybersole (great shopify bot on tough releases and hcaptcha protected sites)
  • Prism (great shopify bot on tough releases and hcaptcha protected sites)
  • Wrath (great overall shopify bot)