Purchasing / Renting Bots or Tools
Great! You've landed yourself a spot in TheNorthCop. You're probably wondering what's next?

TNC Marketplace Category

A great place to purchase bots or tools is through the WTB and WTS channels in the group.
These channels can be used to post that you are looking to purchase or sell a bot or tool. It is important to look for deals and the best prices

Other Marketplaces

Notable marketplaces within the sneaker community include botmart, as well as whop.io joining these marketplaces are great to compare different prices & ultimately get the best deal for your dollar.
Make sure you do your research when purchasing a program and ask questions to our staff team about anything marketplace related.

Renting Bots

Renting a bot is a great way to get around multiple bots without breaking the bank right away. It is important you test out bots and find ones that work for you and your needs.
  • Rent from BotMart
  • Rent from whop.io
  • Find a rental in the WTR channel in the marketplace category in TheNorthCop
When renting a bot you have access to it for the duration you purchased it for, once the duration is over the key will be revoked and you will have to re-rent the bot.