Release Day Guide
Knowing how to use release information is important. Read below for key tips!
You can quickly see all releases for the week within the #weekly-releases channel. This channel highlights profitable or lowkey releases coming up in the week.
Each profitable release is given its own channel, you can find these channels in the releases category. Within this category are all the releases for the week.

Release Information

Within the release channels you can scroll the top and view the overall release information including:
  • Release Date
  • Retail / Resell
  • Best Sizes
  • Cop or Drop (Analytics)
  • Resell Links

Raffle Information

Below the release information you can find raffles, their close date and which region they ship to. These raffles are essential to success and offer you more chances to secure limited edition items.

Release Lists / Drop Lists

Following the raffles, you can find drop lists containing each site, some botting information, what times they drop and where they ship.
Knowing when sites drop is essential to success, you can use these drop times and our monitors for each specific site mentioned to ensure you are able to catch the drop on time!
If you don't see a specific monitor for each site ~ you can find all shopify releases in #hype-filtered and most custom sites in #non-shopify-filtered

Site Specific Bot Setups / Drop Information

Following the drop times & information you can find specific drop information for each release site with further detail.
These guides often include:
  • Release Time
  • Botting Keywords
  • Proxy Recommendations
  • Botting Information / Antibot
  • Delays & Start Times