Selling Guide
Phew, you've copped those sick shoes, ps5s or gpus... now where do you sell them?
There are many aspects of selling. The goal here is to obviously profit, however you can choose to do this right away, after receiving or hold the shoe and sell late. We'll dive into that below.

Where Should I Sell?

To begin with, there are afew platforms you can sell on. The platforms are listed below from most profitable to least.
  • Local Marketplaces - 0 Fees - Requires Meetups or Shipping
  • Ebay - 0 Fees on Sneakers - Requires shipping costs
  • Stockx - Seller Fees (account dependent) - Shipping included
  • Goat - Seller Fees (account dependent) - Shipping included
Whenever possible you should list items for local sale, to increase your profits and maximize product turn around time.

Local Marketplace Groups

There are afew local Facebook groups for reselling:
  • Canada Sneaker Xchange
  • Toronto Shoe Exchange
  • Vancouver Island Sneaker Community
  • Sneaker Market Canada
  • SneakersCA
These Facebook groups help with posting bulk sales, or any WTS items. These groups are perfect for finding buyers or sellers for items because they are so concentrated with users that are always buying and selling. Moving items here usually happens quick, in my experience in afew hours you should have a buyer looking to purchase.

Other Local Marketplaces

  • Kijiji
  • Facebook Marketplace
Kijiji & FB Marketplace in general are good places to sell, be careful for time wasters and scammers. You can list items here for free, and meet up with your buyer to sell items. I would personally use the Facebook marketplaces & groups over kijiji.

Local Sales Pros / Cons

  • Sells quick
  • Can post bulk WTS
  • Easy to find buyers / sellers
  • Time Wasters / Flakers
  • Need to meet in person
  • Shipping costs not covered
  • Need to negotiate
Always proceed with caution when meeting up! Meet up in well lit areas, police stations, malls or banks. Always take someone with!

Ebay Selling

Ebay Authenticity Guaranteed / Normal Selling

  • Ebay allows Free sneaker authentication over a selling price of $100 CAD. Simply list your items on the platform, they will automatically be listed under authenticity guaranteed if meeting the selling criteria. Once you have sold the item you will have the allotted time to ship to the authentication warehouse.
  • It's pretty simply, and low risk since the shoes get authenticated by ebay so theres low risk with buyers charging back, or issues after selling.

Ebay PRE selling / PRE orders

This is a HUGE advantage to ebay, you are able to presell your items upon purchase. This will allow you to gain the highest sell price and the most profits without the item in hand. I would definitely recommend doing this right away and then posting locally / stockx after its in hand.
  • Preselling an item on ebay is simple. List your item but change the handling time to 30 days or whatever you think it will take for you to get the item and ship it out.
In order to use this feature, you must enable advanced listing, top right of the quick listing.
Tips & Tricks - List with a accurate description of the item - Detail if its a pre order, or if its a in hand item - Provide information of condition & other necessities - Look out for new profiles and 0 rating profiles - Provide a long enough handling time for pre orders

Stockx / Goat Selling

  • Stockx and goat are very similar platforms. Advantages to using stockx over goat include CAD payout, which means you wont have to convert USD to CAD and potentially lose more money on conversion fees. Goat is mainly for USA sellers.

Stockx Fees

  • Stockx charges fees on every order. Your seller level determines how much % in fees you pay on each sale. Fees can determine if you profit or not, so be sure to read this before listing your item!

Listing / Selling on Stockx

  1. 1.
    Find your item on stockx / goat
  2. 2.
    Select your size
  3. 3.
    Click Sell
  4. 4.
    You can choose to sell now (highest bid) or place an ask for your selling price
  5. 5.
    View the total payout minus account fees and payment processing.
Make sure you list the proper size & shoe model as they will charge $15 fee for any incorrect items, fakes or defects. Only 100% authentic, deadstock, defect free shoes can be sold on Stockx.

What to do once item has sold?

  1. 1.
    Once your items sold on stockx / goat, you will be emailed a confirmation
  2. 2.
    Visit your account tab and select selling
  3. 3.
    Select pending on the top tab
  4. 4.
    You choose to print your shipping label
  5. 5.
    Print the label and tape this on the outside of your box
  6. 6.
    Print the invoice papers, include these IN the shoe box.
  7. 7.
    Drop off parcel at UPS and wait for tracking to update
  8. 8.

Specific Selling Situations

Where to sell GPUS

  • Gpus typically sell best locally. List these on facebook marketplace and Kijiji. You will have people calling you scalpers, just ignore and find a real buyer.

Where to sell PS5s?

  • These sell best on facebook marketplace and Stockx. I would always recommend local > stockx for more profit. Additionally there are alot of bulk buyers located in USA if you have connections to any there.

Where to sell shoes?

  • Shoes sell best Local > Ebay > Stockx. I highly recommend trying out Ebays new system as the profit margins are MUCH higher. Good listings with accurate information help your items sell the quickest. You should be prepared to list on Ebay asap for highest profits. If you are having a tough time selling on ebay, list on stockx.

Just bought a shoe, i have confirmation but its not in hand?

  • List this as a preorder / Confirmed order on Ebay and set handling time to 30 days.
  • Optionally list on facebook groups in one of the pinned mass wtb / wts posts for the shoe