What are Captchas?


  • Captchas are utilized to stop bots by providing the user with a captcha to solve to prove they are a human
  • Bots have in bot solvers to show you captchas for you to solve on releases


  • Recaptchas are the standard captcha provided by google where you have to select traffic lights or signs, these captchas rely on your gmail score so signing into your captcha solvers will give you easier to solve captchas and aid you in success.


  • Hcaptcha is relatively a new concept, these captchas dont rely on any google accounts and are tougher than recaptcha as they show you random images and ask you to identify similar ones.
  • Hcaptchas often have a question you have to answer first like "What is the day" or "What are the last 3 letters in the alphabet"

Why Do Gmails Matter?

  • Gmails play a critical part in recaptchas. These captchas rely on a good "one click" score in order to give you nice and easy to solve captchas that dont fade and arent too many pages.
You can increase your gmail score by utilizing the tools in TheNorthCop or partnerships we provide.
  • Gmail scores can be increased by running the TNC toolbox to generate activity on your accounts and prove to google you are a real user.
You can find this in the tools category of the group