Catchall Email
Creating a catchall email is essential to bypassing 1 per household / person limits.
1) Purchase a domain here: A domain ending in .com will work the best to avoid any errors or filtering by websites that can lead to cancellations.
2) At checkout, dont purchase the extra google workplace emails. It's not necessary for this.
3) Proceed to purchase your domain.
4) Select your domain from the my domains section:
5) Select the email section on the left hand side
6) Under email forwarding click add email alias. This is where you will setup the catchall domain to accept any emails you create (with the *) and then send it to the email you want to. In the first box input * . This acts as a wildcard letter and will now accept any emails.
In the second box, input the email where you want all confirmations to go to.
  • See example below.
Now you can create any email address with your domain. Try sending yourself an email to your email - [email protected] (replace domainhere with the domain you purchased). You should get an email to the email you setup as the "existing recipient email"
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