Shopify Monitors

Here you can learn how to use monitors to your advantage and secure the latest heat with ease.

You can find all shopify monitors under the #shopify-monitors category. The main monitors you will want to watch are #hype-filtered and #shopify-ca-filtered you can find these in the #priority-monitors category.

Looking at the monitor above you can:

  • Click on the title of the product to be brought to the product page

  • Click on the size that you want to bring you to cart to complete a manual checkout.

  • Start your Quick Tasks by clicking quicktask or qt. This will start your tasks in your bots automatically.

Shopify Monitor Sites

The "Shopify Monitors" cover over 300+ sites. Ask in the group if the site you want is supported. The most popular sites supported are

  • Kith


  • Havenshop

  • Deadstock

  • Dover Street Market

  • Shoepalace