Server Information Category
In this category you can find all information that pertains to the server, feature updates, daily reminders for releases, giveaways and group buys.
Below the landing category, you can find the server information category. This is where we provide all updates and such pertains to the group. You will want to keep notifications on for group buys and giveaways as there's a good chance we do flash giveaways for high tier bots.

What are group buys?

Group buys are a chance to purchase bots, proxies, tools and more. The stock we get for these tools are exclusive to the group and ensure that members have a higher chance at purchasing these sought tools.
You will find updates for these group buys within the #group-buys channel. Be sure to stay up to date with the information posted there.

Server Updates & Information

  • You can find any and all server updates in #server-announcements.
  • Feature updates such as new tools, new features and plans for the group are posted in #feature-updates.
  • Monitor updates are provided by the monitor provide via webhook anaurord will show in #mointor-updates when anything is changed, added or upgraded in our monitors.