A great way to increase your computer specifications without breaking the bank.

Servers / Remote Servers

First off, servers aren't necessary in order to cop shoes on a hyped release. When bot protection was really low and shopify had not introduced the measures, servers were necessary to have a speed advantage on other botters.
Servers act a as a way for you to now improve your computer specs, improve connection between your and the website and just overall increase the performance of your bot. If you are on a computer that is old or if your bot is windows only and you have a mac you can get a virtual server with better specs for your to run your bots on.
Servers don’t offer any competitive advantage like they once use to, server Ips are typically banned by most sites so you will need proxies in your bots if you plan to use a server.
There are afew types of server providers but i would only recommend GCloud or Amazon AWS as your information on these servers is secure.
You can learn how to make servers on these platforms at the links below.
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