Early Links
Early links are direct links to products that are releasing. This gives you the upper hand to be the first on the product when botting or going manual

How to use early links

  • Early links can be inputted in your bot, typically where you put your keywords.
  • The early links ensure you are able to get the product as quick as possible and beats out people using keywords or ones that don't have early links
Within the early links category you will also find channels for each release. The #kith is where you can find all early links for kith, as kith doesn't accept keywords for botting.

Early Links with Variants

Variants allow you to target specific sizes for a specific product. These variants are the numbers in the image below. If your bot has variant support, you can input these to have an even quicker checkout than when using a link,
Using an early link allows your bot to precart the product and setup the checkout for you. Once the stock goes live on the size then you will instantly go to processing and attempt to checkout.