Landing Category
In this category you can find the initial setup instructions, a run down on rules and how to assign your notification roles.
First, navigate to the left side of the discord. You will find a bunch of channels and categories. You will want to locate the "Landing" category near the top of everything.
In this category you will find
  • A short run down of rules and information pertaining to how you should behave in the group
  • In this channel you can assign specific roles for you to receive notifications for. You will want to do this so you can get alerts for the most important information in the group.
  • This channel is ideal for those who have bots that allow you to use quicktasks. Quicktasks help you to quickly start a task in your bot directly through our monitors.
  • This channel holds a master guide to the server, including a tutorial video to take you through everything. You can also find that tutorial here
  • This channel covers how you can earn rewards in the group. By being active, helping the community and sharing your success within the group or on various social media platforms, you can earn points to redeem for prizes. Prizes include but aren't limited to: Membership discounts, free ATC slots, shoes, tools and more.
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